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In my past experience with comic book shops, which is admittedly limited, I’ve never been made to feel welcome at all, usually treated like the outsider I felt like. I’ve walked into stores and been blatantly ignored for five plus minutes after entering the store. The very first time I ever walked into a comic book store, I was ignored, and when I asked for help to find the new comic book I was looking for, the employees made me feel like an idiot for even having to ask.

For someone who was nervous about getting into this world in the first place, those experiences pretty much turned me off from comics altogether for a long time. When I finally wanted to read a comic again, instead of going to the shop and buying one like I would have wanted (because, honestly, I prefer the printed version of things to digital), I would download them and read them on my iPad instead.

Just before Christmas, though, my husband and I were in Greensboro and spotted Acme Comics. I didn’t want to go in, expecting much the same experiences I had before, but my husband convinced me to give them a chance. I was pleasantly surprised to find this store was nothing like the others.

Every visit from that first visit to today’s, I was greeted as soon as we entered the store and asked if I needed help finding anything. The employees gave me recommendations based on what I was already looking at and talking about with my friends and even recommending some of their favorites that I might be interested in. They didn’t treat me like I didn’t belong or ignore me like other stores had. The employees at this store made me feel welcome and at home. I’ve walked out every time spending more than I had intended, buying comic books I wouldn’t have thought to try, and not being disappointed at all. It’s a nice change from my past experiences.

So yeah, I walked out today with the first three issues of Hawkeye on an employee’s suggestion, not intending to buy anything at all, just stopping in to look. I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far and will probably pick up more of the series, actually stopping in the store to get them. All thanks to a staff that understands how to treat people regardless of their experience with comic books. Thank you, Acme Comics, for that. :)

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  1. schmoo999 said: I am glad that you found a a nice store cause they can be run by assholes that hate outsiders.
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