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My haul from 221bcon :)

1. Pretty much everything aside from the buttons. Got a lot of awesome cards from the Baker Street Babes Podcast (which was incredible and funny and just perfect, omg).

2. The prints husband and I got in our tea party gift bags. Art by Sketchlock,  Jackie, and Hoursago (ALSO can I say how perfect it was that I got a Joan Watson in mine?)

3. Art I bought. Daunt's sketchbook, art by Jackie, and Blend by Cara. (Both Blend and Daunt’s sketchbook are now sitting on my comic book shelf next to Reapersun’s Wreck).

4. Buttons :D first I got in my tea party gift bag and the second bought from Cara.

5. The books I won at the tea party raffle. :D

6. Gorgeous little Johnlock doodle by Cara. I kind of really squeed when I saw it bc I love it so much.

There was so much more I wanted to buy, but we were extremely limited in funds and I had already bought more than I should. :(

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